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Challenging the design process.


Bill Caplan's "Buildings Are for People" reworks the way we approach sustainable design and the human interface of architecture. His methodology emphasizes the use of a building's surfaces, shape and materiality to achieve people-friendly architecture in synergy with the natural environment.

"Buildings Are for People" encourages building designs that are sensitive to people, program, and habitat. Unique in its comprehensive approach, this is a book that explores both the experiential aspects of building design and how to utilize their design elements for sustainability. While driving home its theme – that 'buildings are built for people' – the book highlights roadblocks to successful design, offering a dose of reality. Topics rarely discussed publically such as issues in education, the profession, regulation and the industry's institutions are addressed head on. Yet all for good purposes. Caplan provides a path forward for productive design – this alone is a fresh perspective. 

The author's powerful photography provides a reader's-eye experience to illustrate the text and stimulate the senses. Images and drawings articulate both the good and the bad. 

"Buildings Are for People" is about designing people-friendly and environment-friendly architecture. It is addressed to the entire profession – the practitioners, educators and influencers who will envision, enable and create tomorrow's built environment – and a valuable resource for newly minted architects, interns and students. As one reader put it, "whether you are a builder or a user of buildings, read this book first."

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