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"Buildings are for People."

An obvious statement,

yet often overlooked in execution.


Buildings Are for People offers a new approach to the process of conceiving architectural design, one that considers the interactions of the built environment with people and the natural environment.

The book not only explores our visceral and experiential connections to a building, but how a building intervenes directly with our natural environment and sense of place. It discusses how to utilize a building's surfaces, shapes and materiality to synergize with the forces of nature, to achieve Green and Sustainable architecture. Many of the roadblocks to successful design are brought to light, such as issues in education, the profession, regulation and the industry's institutions, providing an awareness that heretofore is rarely discussed. Most importantly, Buildings are for People: Human Ecological Design highlights the obvious, that buildings are built for people, a fact that seems to have been overlooked in the last half-century.

The author's powerful photography and illustrations provide a reader's-eye experience to match the enlightening text. The images stimulate the senses. Visually articulating the good and the bad, they encourage building designs that are sensitive to people, program and habitat - people-friendly and environment-friendly architecture.  Click the IMAGES button above or below for a small slideshow from the book.


"Buildings Are for People" is addressed to the practitioners, planners, educators, students and influencers who will envision, enable and create tomorrow's built environment. It is timely reading for architects, planners, policy makers, developers and engineers – anyone with an interest in architecture, planning or the pursuit of livable communities. 

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Published by Green Frigate Books, Libri Publishing, UK
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