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"Buildings Are for People" is dedicated to all those who envision, enable and create tomorrow’s built environment.  An eye-opener, it empowers building surfaces, shapes and materiality to create people-friendly and environment-friendly synergies. Caplan scrutinizes building interfaces from three perspectives: the 'physical' – how they define space; the 'sensible' – how they afford an experience; and the 'operative' – how they create environmental and programmatic interaction.

"Buildings Are for People" focuses on both sustainable design and people's experience – from the users to the passersby to the community. Although sustainable design practices have become mainstream intentions, our success in turning 'intention' into community-friendly and sustainable buildings is far from reality. Even with the best of intentions, sustainable and human-centered designs often fail to achieve their intended goal. The focus includes a sobering critique which highlights roadblocks to success, and provides a meaningful approach to their resolution. Addressing key issues in education, the profession and the industry's institutions with a dose of reality, the path to inter-dependent design is thoughtfully presented with a fresh analytical perspective, and a holistic approach to design. 

With more than 120 images, the author's photography provides a reader's-eye experience to illustrate the text and stimulate the senses. The images and drawings articulate the methodology throughout the book. 

"Buildings Are for People" is about designing people-friendly and environment-friendly architecture. It is addressed to architects, planners and policy makers, whether practitioner, educator or student. A great gift for newly minted architects and interns. As one reader put it, "read this book first."

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